Best 11 Inch Hourglass Infinity Waterfall Glass Bong Cool Gravity Dab Rig

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What's Included:
1x bong,1x bowl,1x removable diffused downstem
14mm female joint
Net weight:

Best 11 Inch Hourglass Infinity Waterfall Glass Bong Cool Gravity Dab Rig 

It is difficult to begrudge such a dab rig. What makes it so satisfactory? The 11 inch length? The high quality and thick durable borosilicate glass? Maybe none of the above, the unique shape of the bong maybe the key point. 

The 11 inch infinity waterfall Remastered bong has a extremely cool shape--like a hourglass.The hourglass design makes the bong look attractive and cool. The infinity waterfall is a wonderful glass work that combines the conception of the gravity bong and the function of the hourglass. When all openings are closed, it can stop water in the chamber under the help of the air pressure. Also, the water in the chamber can produce an optical reversal of the background.

It is very easy to use the cool bong, you just need to fill the bottom chamber. And the water will move from one chamber to the other chamber by tilting it.

Besides, the glass bong features a clear removable diffused downstem and slide included. This is the most simple design for a percolator. The straight tube has slits as its base under the water which allows the smoke to cool down as it travels through it

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