Best Cool Big Glass Recycler Bongs Double Honeycomb Sprinkler Perc Dab Rigs

$109.99 piece
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What's Included:
1x bong,1x bowl
14mm female joint
Net Weight:
Base Width:
9.5 cm,3.7 inch
Double Honeycomb Percolator,Sprinkler Percolator,Spiral Percolator
  • Best Cool Big Glass Recycler Bongs Double Honeycomb Sprinkler Perc Dab Rigs

    The stunning aesthetics and excellent features of the Sprinkler Honeycomb Twist Recycler Bong by WD420 Glass join forces to deliver cool and smooth rips you'll flip over. This 12 inch cool complex big coil recycler rig is eye-catching at its best and this baby has it all. 

    The Sprinkler Honeycomb Twist Recycler is outfitted with a sprinkler perc, a spiral perc, and two mini honeycomb percs for four times the fun. When you load the 14mm female banger with your concentrate and take a hit, you can watch the smoke filter and cool with ultimate bubbling water.

    Your smoke will twist & turn and put on a sensational show as it makes its way to the slightly curved mouthpiece that's equipped with a splashguard. 

    You'll think you died and went to heaven when you inhale your pure, clean hit that allows you to enjoy the actual flavors of what you're dabbing. You won't be choking on smoke or complaining about harsh hits with this amazing concentrate rig. It's designed from head to toe to deliver nothing but max perc power with cool & tasty smoothness. 

    Whether you're looking to get a statement piece to showcase your glass bong collection or need a durable daily driver that delivers perfect rips, you won't be disappointed by this best recycler.

    The Sprinkler Double Honeycomb Recycler Bong is made of 4mm thick & durable premium glass. It features enought space on the main chamber and color accents on the mouthpiece, thick round base, and the reinforced downstem attachment. Pick your favorite color from Blue, or Green and nab yours today.