12 Inch Chandelier Glass Recycler Dab Rig Octopus Bong W/ Matrix Perc

What's Included:
1x bong,1x bowl
14mm female joint
30 cm,11.8 inch
Net Weight:
700g,24.7 oz
Base Width:
9.5 cm,3.7 inch
  • 12 Inch Chandelier Glass Recycler Dab Rig Octopus Bong

    This chandelier recycler dab rig features a stunning and unique design you won't find on any other bongs. This 12 inch glass recycler bong is made from clear scientific glass and features  eight separate arms that filter and recycle your smoke or vapor. At the thick glass flared bottom of this glass recycler rig the diffusion process and pushes your vapor up through the eight arms into the recycling chamber. Your vapor and water are then looped back up and down through the recycler rig to cool down your vapor for more pleasant dabs. The benefit of using a multi recyclers with so many different chambers is that it increases the surface area of your vapor and puts it in contact with more water to help further cool it down. This glass bong features a bent neck that acts as a splash guard but also makes for a more comfortable dabbing session.