Best 12 Tubes Waterfall Glass Recycler Bongs Vortex Cyclone Dab Rigs

$79.99 piece
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What's Included:
1x bong,1x bowl
milk green,milk purple
14mm female joint
22cm,8.7 inch
Net Weight:
520g,18.3 oz
Base Width:
10 cm,4 inch
Glass Thickness:
Joint Height:
15cm,6 inch
  • Best 12 Tubes Waterfall Glass Recycler Bongs Vortex Cyclone Dab Rigs 

    This strikingly attractive Recycler Bong gives you a refreshed impression on how glass bong can work. You have to fill the weed bong with half amount of water. And make sure the water line don’t exceed the the upper part the bong. You will see a mini-version tornado in the chamber of the dab rig traveling up to the bent neck. Thousands of bubbles jumping around the chamber of the recycler flow into a combination which resembles a tornado in the glass bongs. The thick round base supports firmly the rest part of the glass recycler. The tornado filtration of the bubbler continues to offer non-stop energy for the smoke to move up to the chamber. You can feel rest assured that this vortex bong with cheap price which is under $100 will definitely give a incredible experience for the water pipe.

    This glass recycler water pipe is available in green and purple.

    There is no doubt in our minds that the 9 inch recycler water bong with inline diffuser is the best recycler rig we have come across. The wax rig is made from high quality Borosilicate glass, and features 12 clear recycler tubes, inline diffusers and a thick bowl for 14 mm female joints. This bong not only looks cools, but provides a smooth smoking sensation that will delight all smokers. If you’re shopping for a bong, this one is highly recommended.