16 Inch Thick Glass Big Bong Large Beaker Water Pipe W/ Ice Pinch

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What's Included::
1x bong,1x bowl,1x Diffused Downstem
18mm Female Joint
Ice Pinch,Diffused Downstem

16 Inch Thick Glass Big Bong Large Beaker Water Pipe W/ Ice Pinch

The beaker bong has two colors which areblue and purple. The neck tube was covered by stickers, which gives you abetter grip when you hold it.

There are five ice pinches around the lowerpart of the neck tube, so you can also use is as a ice bong. The ice pinches works as a cooling engine which aims toreduce the temperature of smoke filtered buy water on the beaker base. Thesmoke has to pass the narrow passage created by the five ice pinches where thepassing speed of the smoke will be greatly reduced so that the smoke can getmore time to be cooled down by the ice tube inserted inside the ice pinches.

The beaker base is also handled with greatcare for a firm support in most daily use situations. The total height for the glass bong is 15.7inch(40cm) which means it is a super big bong! This large bong comes with a removable diffuser downstem and bowl, it is easy for you to clean!

This large glass bong is available in green and purple.