20 Inch Mushroon-Jellyfish Perc Black Big Bongs Thick Glass Huge Water pipe

What's Included:
1x bong,1x bowl
19mm female joint
Net Weight:
Mushroon Percolator,Jellyfish Percolator

20 Inch Mushroon-Jellyfish Perc Black Big Bongs Thick Glass Huge Water pipes

This big bong measures approx 20 inch(50cm) and weighs 1630 grams, which means it is totally contrary to others portable mini bongs or dab rigs in size and impressions. However, with its large and thick glass round base, you don’t need worry about its stability on the surface or coffee table or home floor. But you have to pay extra attention when you hold it since this bong is really super heavy.

Made from premium thick glass and equipped with a vortex tunnel and mushroom jellyfish combines a halo perc, your hits are ultra-infused with water bubbles so you can take a plunge into pure perfection with this huge glass bong. This Sprouted Mushroom Perc Bong has it all. Pull your smoke pass the 1st chamber through the 5 spore percolators into your next jelly fish percolating chamber, and finish off your toke with the huge color tipped tube! Did we say this bong is large? Of course, it is! This bong is 20" tall, with thick glass and nice colors, and puff puff pass this big water bong for great rips and epic trips!

This impressively-designed water pipe features pushed glass accents on the mouthpiece that looks amazing and provide you with an excelent grip. When you pack your favorite dry herb strain into the deep and roomy 18.8mm male glass bowl and light up, you can watch the incredible bubbling action before the smoke reaches the comfortable flared mouthpiece at the end of the straight tube. The mushroom jellyfish is an intricately-designed, and very great thought out bong you'll be proud to own. Whether you add it to your bong collection as the focal point, use it as your daily driver, or share it with friends at group seshes, this large piece never fails to impress. Order yours while supplies last.

This big glass bong is designed with an 18mm female joint at the top of the fixed downstem and includes a transparent funnel-shaped smoking bowl. And the mouthpiece rim in your color choice of Black, Blue and Green.