6 Inch Cheap Bong Small Sidecar Bubbler Mini Glass Water Pipe Dab Rig W/ Inline Perc

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What's included:
a bowl,a bong
14mm male joint
14.5cm,5.7 inch
Net Weight:
310g,10.9 oz
Base Width:
Joint Height:

This Glass Sidecar Bubbler Cool Downstem Perc Portable Bong Straight Perc Dab Rig Water Pipe features an ultra-smooth verticaldownstem. If you pair it up with the shrub style body, you will have endless bubblestackingin every rip in your Downstem Bong! Combined with a side neck design, the mini dab rigs offer both aestheticand functional qualities.

You’ve got a nearly perfect Vertical Downstem Sidecar Bubbler! Aesthetically,side necks give you a unique look to your mini dab rigs, while functionally, it keeps the mouthpiece away from the heat source, preventing accidental water inhalation for you glass bongs!

The long straight perc of the cool bongs gives smoke more time to travel to your lungs, which makes the Sidecar Bubbler more appealing to stoners around the world.

You can use legal concentrates for bongs like wax, oil or cannabis crumble to the bowl with a lighter.  

14mm female joint is required for ash catcher of the Vertical Downstem Sidecar Bubbler.