6 Inch Cheap Mini Dab Rigs Thick Glass Micro Bongs Small Water Pipe W/ Inline Perc

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What's Included:
a bong,a quartz banger nail
14mm female joint
15cm,6 inch
Net Weight:
Base Width:
3.5 inch,9cm

6 Inch Cheap Mini Dab Rigs Thick Glass Micro Bongs Small Water Pipe

This Cheap Mini Dab Rig featuresa simple design but with incredible function. The inline percolator providessufficient diffusion for smoke, keeping the flavor of yourconcentrates or herbs in your rig bong. Featuring a bent neck, the small dab rig prevents water splashing back and forth. The banger hanger of the glass bongs joint is specifically designed to fit quartz bangers which is better for micro bong. At a very affordable price, this pieces of mini bong are a great addition to anyglass collection which finds no rival to a glass bongs.

This cheap bong features excellent filtration with the horizontally aligned inline perc glass bongs.The glass bongs are easy to handle with. And the thick round baseallows it to stand sturdily wherever you set it for glass bongs, which includes a pure quartz bangerthat provides the best tasting dabs from every smoke sesh.

This dab bong is available in 4 colors (Blue, Purple, Pink And Green), For most of tokers it is a perfect choice of cheap bongs for sale online.