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Cheap Bongs & Water Pipes

We know that everyone's budget is always different, so we try our best to design and produce exclusive selection of cool bongs at the lowest pricing for shoppers looking for their next bong. By producing many of these products ourselves, in-house, or working exclusively with glassblowers, we are able to provide some of the high quality pieces with real affordable prices. Cheap doesn't mean poor quality. In fact, our quality standards are high - and we won't compromise on that quality just because our prices are unbelievably cheap.  If you're ever not satisfied, remember we do also offer instant returns.

How To Buy Cheap Bongs Online

The best cheap bongs are found here at WD420 Glass, where we provide high quality glass for the unbelievable prices. You no longer have to break the bank for your favorite smoking experience. The only question is, how do you shop cool cheap bongs online, and what do you need to look for?

  • Find A Trusted Online Headshop
  • Finding a trusted and reputable online head shop is vital, as there are numerous headshops out there selling fake or poor quality glass bongs. That's why it is important to know that you can shop comfortably here at WD420 Glass, without feeling like you might get scammed. Our designs and uniquely styled weed bongs are made for you to enjoy with the best smoke delivery and experience.
  • Find Affordable Bongs With Thick Borocilicate Glass

The quality of the glass is essential if you are a frequent toker. Borosilicate glass is highly durable, resistant to thermal shock, and reliable in terms of longevity. All qualities in which you will need if you want to maintain that beautiful glass bong of yours. You will have endless options finding an affordable bong here at WD420 Glass, for over 95% of our water bongs are made form borosilicate glass.

If I buy a cheap bong will it be lower quality?

No! We've hunted for the best deals without compromising on quality. Just because a bong is cheap, doesn't mean it's of worse quality. We can provide you the best deals by designing our products as close to the lowest production costs as we can, and cutting out the middleman.

Best Cheap Glass Bongs

Many of our cheap glass bongs for sale are made of high quality, thick borosilicate glass so they can take the heat and a little tough love too. Most of our selection are clear beaker bongs, so they are extremely easy to clean with a durable base and wide mouthpiece but we also have cheap water pipes made from silicone, which is virtually indestructible and come in more vibrant patterns. If you're not into silicone and want an affordable dab bong with a little more character, check out our cheap mini bongs, which use less glass and generally come in a wider range of colors and designs.

Cheap Silicone Bongs For Sale

Made from BPA free, good food-grade silicone, silicone bongs are great for travel, easy to clean and break resistant making them a top choice among stoners. Since they are made of silicone instead of glass, they are also a much more cheap option. These bongs characteristically come in a variety of vibrant patterns. Ideal for your next hike, camping or that festival coming up, your friends will wish they had one.

Cheap Bongs Under $20 or $25

If you are looking for an even cheaper weed bong under $20 or $25, mini bongs like our mini dab bong may be a pefect option for you. While we have a great selection of cheap bongs online that don't break the bank, we recommend you take a look at our full collection if you’re considering an investment piece or are gifting something to a special someone.

Where To Buy Cheap Bongs

You no longer have to wonder where to buy cheap bongs when shopping here at WD420 Glass. From super cheap water pipe bongs to cool cheap bongs, we've got it together. Simply pick an affordable bong of your choice and take away!