E-Nails & Electric Nail

E-Nails & Electric Nail

As people become more aware of the dangers associated with smoke entering their lungs, they are now looking for alternative ways to enjoy the medical benefits of various dry herbs. The most common example of this is vaping. However, there is now a new, and more powerful way to intake flower: dabbing! If you have not yet experienced the pleasure of using an enail, also known as dab rig, then you are definitely missing out. If you have tried dabbing with an e-nail before and enjoyed it, then perhaps you are now looking into investing in a dab rig of your own. To get the best dabbing experience, it pays to first investigate and explore the myriad of dab rigs available in the market. The following article will explain everything you, as a consumer, needs to know concerning enails. 

What is an Enail?

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E-nails or electronic dab rigs are typically metal boxes with a port for a coil, a PID that gauges your coil's current temperature and a gear switch. The gauge can usually be turned separately from the coil to act as a safety measure and prevent users from getting burned. Electric nails come in two sizes; 16 and 20 millimeters and can only work with nails that have been specifically designed for coils of the precise size. 

Portable E-Nails

The ability to take an E-nail with you anywhere you may go, is a luxury set aside for a select few....

A portable enail is a concentrate vaporization device that can be attached directly to a water pipe for added water filtration. Portable enails come in a variety of styles, up until recently portable e-nails did not have a digital display on them, had traditional conduction heating like a coil or a bucket and have now graduated to induction heating methods.

How Does E-nail Work?

E-nails are used for dabbing. The term dabbing was coined because the user physically dabs a small amount of wax or oil concentrates into the dab rig in order to produce vapor. Usually, oil concentrates are thick and will not run off the nail. In its most basic form, dab rigs work by applying a small amount of concentrates onto a nail or heating element. When dabbing, users must initially heat the nail by using the torch and then apply the wax or oil once it is hot enough. Inhaling via the mouth-piece is the final step, since heat up times are fast and the vapor will materialize quickly.

Benefits of Using an E-nail

Why opt for an electric nail over the traditional type? E-nails are one of the most preferable ways to intake concentrates by wax enthusiasts. When compared to the traditional way, dab rigs make dabbing so much easier. The safety benefit that an e-nail offers to its users is paramount; consumers will find that being able to dab without having to fire up a blowtorch is enough justification to switch. E-nail rigs also provide the user with much more control over the temperature settings. A dab rig enables the user to fine-tune heat settings anytime that they are enjoying their concentrates. This is a big plus, particularly for seasoned dabbers, as everyone has their own preferred temperature for optimal smoothness and flavor. 

Additionally, the taste and vapor quality produced by dab rig is potent and excellent. Since the user can regulate the temperature settings, the overall quality of vapor is better than the clouds produced by traditional concentrate vaporizers. E-nail rigs will also stay cleaner because users are not burning the material but rather vaporizing it at the optimal temperature of their choice.

What Do Customers Often Consider When Choosing an E-Nail?

  • Features - What features are important to you in an e-nail?  Precise temperature control?  Bluetooth?  Different heating modes?
  • Portability - A lot of electronic nails are suppose to be plugged in, which limits their portability.  Figure out how you plan on using your e-nail.

Material - What kind of dab nail does the e-nail heat?  Many folks prefer quartz bangers, but ceramic and titanium are also good options.

Choosing the Best E-Nail to Buy

Despite most e-nail kits being similar in nature and carrying out the same function, there are several factors that may influence an individual choice pertaining to buying. The biggest difference among the dab rigs typically tends to be both the craftsmanship and price point. Additionally, some e-nails may be constructed to be more portable than others. If you are buying an electric nail rig, it’s always good to first identify what your needs are, as well as your budget. Consider factors such as warranty, price, ease of use, portability, and durability. 

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