Electric Dab Rigs

Electric Dab Rigs

As know as "E-Rigs" - electric dab rigs are vaporizer devices that use an electric or battery powered heat source (as opposed to the traditional butane dab torch) with a ceramic or quartz heating coil and traditional glass percolator or mouthpiece - to offer a super portable and easy way to dab.

What is an Electric Dab Rig? (E rig)

We've come a long way since pure glass dab rigs.  While many still love the classic borosilicate glass mini rigs with quartz bangers or other dab nails, many are now choosing a new generation of hybrid or electronic powered dab rigs.

Electric dab rigs are similar to glass dab rigs except with a battery powered electric heat source. These devices use atomizers with ceramic, quartz, or titanium heating cups which heat your material making it convenient for on the go. These are great as no butane torch or flame is required to heat your nail. Using battery or a plug in power source, electric dab rigs heat up a heating element using electricity, allowing for dabbing without any flames or other tools. Extremely convenient, and perfect for on the go dabbers.  We'd definitely recommend trying one for your next sesh.

Electric dab rigs even come with glass chambers with percs - for an added level of filtration and truly transitioning the gap between traditional dab rigs and these hybrid electric ones.

Another added benefit is that these devices are usually sold as a full kit, and come complete with tools and accessories such as dabber tools, carb caps, and cleaning accessories. As well - many of them are covered by a limited manufacturer warranty if anything goes wrong or your product malfunctions.

Shop Best Electric Dab Rigs under $100

If you’re looking for a perfect place to buy a cheap dab rig to enjoy your wax concentrates, we round up a selection of the best electric dab rigs you can buy. Also known as "E-Rig", the electronic dab rigs are affordable (most are under $100) and features a portable on-the-go way to dab. This form of vaporizing has been popularized as it's a safer way to dab without the use of a traditional butane dab torch.

What is The Best Kind of E-rig to Buy?

All E-rigs take advantage of the same basic technology. They all provide coils that are heated to prices temperatures through electricity. The biggest differences between products are the aesthetics, materials, price, and extras. Choosing the right E-rig simply means finding the one that works best for your purposes and your wallet. 

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