Best 9 Inch Colorful Mushroom Perc Oil Dab Rig Orb Base Cute Glass Bong

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What's Included:
1x bong,1x bowl
23cm=9 inch
14mm female joint
Net Weight:
Mushroom Perc

Best 9 Inch Colorful Mushroom Perc Oil Dab Rig Orb Base Cute Glass Bong 

The colorful mushroom bong is a miracle of the glass bongPeople who like bacteria plants may like the bong very much. The piece comes with a unique percolator in the shape of a mushroom. The cool mushromm filter not only adds charm for the bong, but also can provide powerful filtration, resulting in a cooler smoke and a more flavorful hit to your lungs. 

This colorful dab rig stands 9 inches tall and has a flat and thick base that keeps the exquisite glass work the balance needed to stand stably on the table. Featuring a 14 mm female joint, it comes with a bent neck mouthpiece shaped in cute mushroom that is super comfortable to use.

For the mouthpiece, base and mushroom perc,  you can have two colors to choose-- green and blue. So, don't miss this cute glass bong. High quality, bright color and cool constrution are what make the bong be one of the best percolator bongs.

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