Best Portable Electric Dab Rig Peak Pro Smart Rig

$117.99 piece
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Color :
black ,blue ,red ,purple ,brown
Net Weight :
Battery Capacity:
2800 mAh Battery
Button :
Power Button ,Temperature control button
Highlight :
Heating Atomizer,Hand Blow Borosilicate
Tempreature :
400F-750F Continuous Tempreature
Setting :
Lightning Warm-Up (Red LED Marquee),Ready (Vibration),Working (7 colors LED rotation)
Screen :
0.96" TFT Digital Display
USB Type-C
Box Size:

Best Portable Electric Dab Rig Peak Pro Smart Rig 

The peak pro smart rig is a new way for concentrate consumption technology. For most beginners, it is the most effective and seamless way to experience the magic of tobacco or dab oil. For smoe collectors of the delicate dab rigs, it offers the highest level of customization and control to dial the exact experience you are looking for.

The smart dab rig is extremely smart. It has an electronic display and you can adjust the temperature through observing the numbers on the electronic display. At the same time, the vape electric dab rig is small and convenient. Whenever and wherever you want to smoke, you can use it. You can carry the electric dab rig to everywhere you love!

The rig includes a hand blow borosilicate, glass carb cap, heating atomizer, power button, digital screen, temperature control button and USB charging interface. 

The smart rig is available in red, brown, purple, black and blue. Choosing use an electric dab rig can provide you with a lot faster smoking experience than using a butane torch to heat up the dabbing nail.