Original Exseed Dabcool W2 Electirc Dab Rig 1500mAh Water Pipe Vaporizer Kit

$124.99 piece
100 items available
color :
black ,blue ,red ,white,iridescence
Surface material :
Battery Capacity:
Kit Includes:
Carb cap,Atomizing core,Silicone container,Extra Bowl ,Micro-USB SuperCharger ,Manual
Output Temperature:
450°F-600 °F
Highlight :
Hand-blown glass,Water filtration
Temperature :
Intelligent temperature calibration ,4 unique user heat settings
Charging :
Fast charging,Long life ,30 sec.average heat up time
Base :
Rugged silicone base

Original Exseed Dabcool W2 Electirc Dab Rig 1500mAh Water Pipe Vaporizer Kit


You will get a hit exceeding your expectations whrn you do your dabbing with the Origina Exseed Dabcool W2. It takes a new way for you to enjoy your favorite concentrates that's powered by 1500mAh battery. 

The Dabcool W2 comes with a fast heat-up time and offers 4 temperature settings (450℉, 500℉, 600℉, 680℉). The electric dab rig is designer for waxy oils such as shatter, wax, and other extracts. It features the waterproof function of Exseed Second Generation atomizer is huge. It is the first waterproof atomizer that has passed the IPX4 test in the market. 


The Exseed Second Generation atomizer is convenient and simple to change, they have a double structure to prevent coil contact with water, customers will only need to change a coil instead of changing the entire atomizer. 

How to use the electric dab rig

STEP 1: Fully charge device before first use. White lights pulse while charging, and turn off automatically when complete.1 light: 0-25%; 2 lights: 25-50%; 3 lights: 50-75% ; 4 lights: 75-100%

TEP 2: Fill glass with water just above the air-hole. Do not fill glass while attached to base.

X- Do not allow water in lower section!

TEP 3: Align inlet hole on the front of the glass with atomizer. Carefully place the glass into the base.

STEP 4: Hold the button for 3 seconds to turn on device (same way to turn off device). The white lights will flash once and the ambient lights will flash sequentially red>blue>green.

STEP 5: Single click to toggle through heat settings.

1 white light: 450℉       2 white lights: 500℉

3 white lights: 600℉      4 white lights: 680℉

Device will vibrate once while changing heat.

STEP 6: Use Loading Tool to place contents on the bottom surface of the bowl [not the side].

TEP 7: Place carb cap on top of atomizer.

STEP 8: Double click to initiate heat-up [5 seconds avg. ], device will vibrate twice and ambient lights will be red. Single click the button to turn off the heat-up process at anytime.    

STEP 9: Ambient lights will turn green when ready.   ( green lights will be on for 20 seconds, then heat up process automatically stop and ambient lights turn blue)  

STEP 10: Use a cotton swab to clean the chamber after each use.

Be caution, when you clean it:

   Allow chamber to fully cool before touching.

   Be sure device is powered off before cleaning.

   After cleaning, allow all parts to thoroughly dry before using. 

   Do not blow into glass when filled with water and attached to base.

   Do not overfill! glass with water.

   Do not overfill chamber.

   Wait 1 minute between uses.

How to cheak the battery life:

1. To check battery life: click the button 3 times, white lights will flash 3 times.

1 light: 0-25%;        2 lights: 25-50%;

3 lights: 50-75% ;   4 lights: 75-100%

2. When an atomizer is not placed or not connected well, ambient lights will flash sequentially red>blue>green then turn off. 

3. Low voltage protection: when input voltage is under 6.4V, ambient lights will flash red 3 times. when input voltage is under 6.0V, ambient lights will flash red 3 times then device will automatically turns off.  

4. Short circuit protection:  white lights will flash 5 times.

5. Over heating protection:  ambient lights will be red for 5 second.  

6. Device can be used while the battery pack is charging.