Cool Clear Glass Recycler Bong Inline Perc Water Pipe Dab Rig

What's Included:
1x bong,1x bowl
14mm female joint
28 cm,11 inch
Net Weight:
480g,17 oz

  • Clear Glass Recycler Bong Inline Perc Water Pipe Dab Rig

    The Recycler features a unique and bold shape which certainly attracts your attention when have a glance of it.

    It mainly consists of five sections: a flared mouthpiece, a slightly bent neck, a unique and effective percolator, a durable joint and a sturdy base.

    The flared mouthpiece of the glass bong is two times larger than normal one, which means that you can have your mouth fully covered by the glass bong so that no smoke can leak out when you take a deep breath-in.

    The slightly bent neck sets you free from having you neck bent for big hits. You can just nod your head down a little bit, which protects your neck bones when you are using the cool glass bong.

    The percolator of the dab rig is the most attracting part of the cool water pipe. There are two percolators: showerhead perc and recycler.

    The large base gives the cool recycler a more stabilized support. You don’t have to worry about the stability of the pipe.