Cool Cheap Bong Glass Bubbler Portable Dab Rig W/ Showerhead Perc

$39.99 $45.00 now piece
65 items available
What's Included:
1x bong,1x quartz banger
18cm,7.08 inch
Light Blue,Yellow,Dark Blue,Red
14mm female joint
Net Weight:
Showerhead percolator

Cool Cheap Bong Glass Bubbler Portable Dab Rig

The series of mini dab rigs will certainly be your best choice if you are fond of unique shapes and bright colors. The cloud shape above the short neck catches your eyes for its vivid imitation to cloud.  The mouthpiece of the cool bong is extremely small, which means you can cover the entire piece with your mouth.

The rectangular chamber measures approximately 15cm with a strikingly beautiful blurred color baking onto the glass surface. The contrast between the lower part and the colored section presents you arresting pictures for the cool bubbler. You can also use bangers if you want to replace the bowl. The connecting tube for linking the 14mm female joint of the mini bong is reinforced with thicker and lead free glass to ensure a strong connection.

The showerhead percolator also presents a highlight for the portable water pipe. No matter what kind of substances or joint you use, the effective percolator will certainly help you filter unnecessary chemicals and make the flavor stay potent and strong in your glass bong. The price of this dab rig is also very great. This cheap bong will only costs you less than $50. it's available in yellow, light blue,red and dark blue.