Unique Micro NC Dab Rig Straw Set Cartoon Glass Nectar Collector Kit With Box

$28.99 piece
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Weight (with box):
Thickness :
Highlight :
Inner chamber,Cartoon character
Titanium nail ,Quartz nail
Box :
Black delicate box
What's Include:
Keck clip ,Oil dish

Unique Micro NC Dab Rig Straw Set Cartoon Glass Nectar Collector Kit With Box 

Get yourself enjoy the unique cartoon Nectar Collector Kit. It has many cool styles of cartoon characters that you can choose. If you want to buy the collector kit, we can package it with a black delicate custom box. It will be a great gift for some heavy smoking people.

The nectar collector kit includes one titanium nail, one quartz nail, one oil dish, one custom box and one keck clip. All of the accessories are detachable. Therefore, it will be easy to clean. An isopropyl alcohol and salt-based cleaning solution can do the job. You just need to separate piece of your portable dab rig into a bag or container with the solution and wait for several minutes.

Whats more, the Micro NC Dab rig Straw is equipped with two nails. One is quartz nail and the other is titanium nail. You can choose the nail according to your preferences. But no matter which nail you choose to use, they both have the same function that can get the heat from a butane torch lighter for great smoking experience.