10" Girly Recycler Glass Bong Best Fab Egg Dab Rigs With Showerhead Perc

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What's Included:
1x bong,1x bowl
14mm female joint
Net Weight:
Showerhead Perc

10" Girly Recycler Glass Bong Best Fab Egg Dab Rigs With Showerhead Perc

The girly percolator bong has a basic recylcer system. It can allow a brief cycle of smoke and a smoother hit to your lungs. Although the exquisitely designed glass water pipe is just 10 inches tall, it has a showerhead perc that has all the features you need to thoroughly enjoy your favorite dry herb or oil.

It is an extremely cute bong made with durable borosilicate glass. In order to support the bong standing stably on the table, it has a flat and wide base.

The water pipe is outfitted with a 14 mm female joint, a fixed downstem and a showerhead perc. The showerhead percolator not only has  great filter power, but  it also gives you a good visual feeling. When you use the best glass bong, you will watch the bubbling action through the glass. At the same time, it can filter the smoke to let you enjoy non-harsh hits that are gentle and smooth.

Apart from the above features, the rig has a rounded bent neck mouthpiece to prevent the water entering your mouth. It is available in awesome purple, pink and green on the mouthpiece, base, showerhead perc and the herb bowl. If you are interested in such fab egg dab rigyou can have a look at WD420 Glass.