Fire Cut Inset Donut Perc Glass Big Bong Straight Tube Water Pipe W/ Ice Catcher

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What's Included:
1x bong,1x bowl
14mm female joint
Net Weight:
Fire Cut Inset Percolator,Donut Percolator

Fire Cut Inset Donut Perc Glass Big Bong Straight Tube Water Pipe 

The big glass bong stands very tall (16 inch). It also has a classic straight tube design. The straight tube bong has a great durable base which can hold everything without any problems. It is made from high quality clear glass. 

For the straight tube bong, one of the attractive point is that there are two inset percs and one donut percolator located in the main chamber of the bog bong. One of them is attached to the heavy base while the other one hangs into the neck of the water pipe. Each inset percolator has many small holes, which are called fire cut. The smoke will be led into the donut perc first, then through the bottom fire cut inset perc, finally the smoke will reach the top fire cut inset perc. Another highlight for the glass bong is there are many ice catchers(ice pinches) on the neck part of the straight bong. You can add some ice cubes in the bong, then the ice catchers can hold the ice cubes in the tube so that you can get the best cooling before inhaling.

The percolator bong is equipped with a big dry herb bowl, which can hold a bit of dry weed. Also, the bong has a dewar’s joint, which is a bridge between the two joints, this increases the strength of the joint and helps prevent breakage. This fire cut inset donut perc bong has two colors for option, which are green and black.