Cheap Straight Shooter Bong Cool Glow In The Dark Small Dab Rigs W/ Ice Catcher

$44.99 piece
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What's Included:
1x bong,1x bowl,1x downstem
18mm female joint
Net Weight:
Diffused Downstem,Ice pinches

Cheap Straight Shooter Bong Cool Glow In The Dark Small Dab Rigs

What will you have in your mind when you take a glance of the small dab rig? Right, the ardent purple ocean waves. What you may not know is the purple material can glow in the dark.

The glowing purple light in the dark for the cool bong just like your encouraging endeavor to a bright future. What a gift for stoners loving new things! The straight percolator helps percolate unwanted compounds produced by the smoke. It inserted into the water. You will see many tiny bubbles jumping up and down when you inhale with bigger strength. Once the bubbles in the chamber break, the unnecessary chemicals are absorbed by the water. It comes with some ice pinches, so it can also work as a ice bong!

The large mouthpiece of the water pipe gives you more potent hits if you have your mouth fully covered by the hole connecting the long neck tube of the glass bong. This amazing dab rig is under $50 now! if you are looking for a cheap bong with cool straight tube design, this one can be your great choice!