Good Quality Splash Guard Quartz Banger With Opaque Bottom

14mm male joint,10mm male joint,14mm female joint,10mm female joint ,18mm male joint,18mm female joint
Outside Diameter:
Net weight:
45 degree,90 degree

Good Quality Splash Guard Quartz Banger With Opaque Bottom

Choosing such a splash guard banger can increase your dabbing experience. The banger is in the shape of hourglass. The unique design makes it different from other bangers.

Due to the shape, the dab oil is unable to go through the banger easily. Whenever you are heating the banger, the smoke will run up the wall and the gravity will pull it back down the bottom of the banger. You can find that you can enjoy large hits from the same size dab rigs, since the smoke stay at the bottom of the banger. 

The quartz banger has an opaque bottom and a flat top, which adds more charm. Besides, you can have many different sanded joints to choose, such as 10mm, 14mm and 18mm female and male joint. 

Most important, the banger has good quality. It is made with thick clear quartz. If you want to know more such good quality quartz bangers, please check WD420 Glass.