Horror Amanita Monster Cap Bong Big Tongue Beast Beaker Waterpipe Ice Underwater Dab Rig

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What's Included:
1x bong,1x bowl,1x removable diffused downstem
18mm Female Joint
Net weight:
Highlight :
Ice Catcher ,Durable Body ,Beaker Shape
Heady Boro Glass,Polymer Clay
Monster design ,Straight neck ,Thick flat moutpiece

Horror Amanita Monster Cap Bong Big Tongue Beast Beaker Waterpipe Ice Underwater Dab Rig 

The horror Amanita Monster Cap Bong is a miracle of the bongs. The piece stands at 12.6 inches tall and has a 18mm female jonit. Besides, the cool bong is made from 7mm thick borosilicone glass which makes it extremely durable. A removable diffused downstem also adds the highlights of the bong. You can easily remove the diffused downstem and use some cleaning agent to clean it. 

The bong has a classic beaker design that can hold more water and smoke on the bottom. That allows for a massive amount of diffusion for each rip. There is a large mouth at the bottom of the beaker bong. A scary tongue comes out of its mouth. You can clearly see some decayed teeth in the mouth. Although these teeth, tongue, mouth, and the eyeball are made of polymer clay, becasue of the workers' superb skills, you will think all of these are very real and vivid, just like a real monster. 

Of course, if you want to get a cool hit, the thick dab rig also can do the job. You just need to put some ice on the neck of the bong. There is an ice catcher on the neck that can hold these ice. Then you can enjoy a cool hit. 

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