Best Mini Lava Lamp Glass Bongs Cool Showerhead Perc Water Pipes Small Dab Rigs

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What's Included:
1x bong,1x bowl
14mm female joint
20cm,8 Inch
Net Weight:
Glass Thickness:
Base Width:
7.5mm,3 inch

Best Mini Lava Lamp Glass Bongs Cool Showerhead Perc Water Pipes Small Dab Rigs

· Lava lamp bong is very stylish and it's only logical we make bongs that look like them. 

· Showerhead percolator for a cleaner smoking experience.

· Combines the best attributes of glass and silicone to produce a product with superb functionality.

· Extremely portable and discreet!

· Splashguard at the top to prevent bong water from reaching your mouth. 

· Easy to disassemble and clean.

· High quality silicone and glass confers durability.

The Lava Lamp Glass Bubbler Beaker Mini Bong Dab Rig has an unique conical shape, just like a lava lamp, and the design is mirrored on the perc inside which have the same cone shape. This stemless bong has a fixed stem coming from an upright "banger hanger" style joint, feeding directly into the bottom of the Psychedelic Lava Lamp BongThis is an amazing lava lamp style glass bong. Stands sturdy at about 8 inches and comes with a glass bowl. The weed bong have a 14mm female joint and is made of thick quality glass. The Lava Lamp bong has just the right amount of color to make this rig pop! Definitely a cool look of the Lava Lamp shape and will impress your friends. 

Take a trip down memory lane as you enjoy delicious hits from this Lava Lamp inspired! Those guys who have used lava lamps before know that they have a cool and chill vibe. And that same vibe is present in this mini dab rig. The quilted patterns on this dab rig even increase its aesthetics. We really like that this dab rig looks cool on a shelf when you are not using it. It's sort of a lava lamp afterall. And that's why you should add it to your collection. But this small bong piece is in its full glory when you put in your concentrates. The showerhead perc, which sits in the middle like some sort of art exhibition, cools and filters your smoke. And you'll be getting hits as smooth as silk. This mini bongs is also portable and easy to transport. The flat base confers stability while the high-quality materials make this glass bong long-lasting. As each item is handmade, colors may slightly vary.With such a unique silhouette Lava Lamp Bong is a definite must for any collector.

Let’s groove tonight with the Lava Lamp Dab Rig from WD420 Glass! The colorful Glass Lava Lamp Bong is a psychedelic addition to any dab session. Made with a bright neon green and clear glass body with colorful accents, this small rig is a showstopper. The glass dab rig’s body is realistically modeled after everyone’s favorite - a lava lamp!  Inside of the body is a series of rainbow perc of Lava Lamp bubbler for a kaleidoscopic twist of color. The full look will catch everyone’s eyes and provide dabbers with endless peace and love for this cool bongFind more perfect small water pipe bongs for sale online at WD420 Glass.