Howmuch is Shipping?

Weoffer FREE shipping on ALL US orders. Average delivery time for free shippingis 7-15 days, but depending on your location may take up to 20 business days.Faster shipping methods are available for purchase, as well as internationalshipping.


95%of orders are shipped within 24 hours. Unfortunately, we cannot guaranteedelivery dates or times. We do all in our power to get your items to you asquickly as possible, but orders can be held up due to unforeseen circumstances.


Doyou require a signature on your packages?


Wereserve the right to require a signature on any order at our discretion due tosecurity concerns. If you are underage, DO NOT order with us. We take fraud andunderage orders very seriously, and are obligated to report all credit card fraudto the authorities. DO NOT ORDER IF YOU ARE UNDERAGE. WE WILL FLAG YOUR ORDER.


Howcan I check if my order has shipped?


Goto My Account, and click on My Orders.


Whenwill my order ship?


Ordersplaced before 12pm EST (when the payment is completed) are shipped same day.All orders are shipped within 24 -48hours unless otherwise stated on theproduct page.


Howdo I edit or cancel an item in my order?


Emailservice@wd420glass.com as soon as possible. Once your order has been shippedout, it cannot be modified.


Howdo I track my order?


Loginto your account at wd420glass.com. Click “My Account” and go to “My Order.” Clickthe “Shipped” section of the page and click on the tracking number.


Myorder never arrived. What do I do?


First,check the tracking. If it’s still in transit, just wait until they deliver it.If it says “Delivered” and it hasn’t arrived, please contact your post officewith the tracking number.


Anitem is missing from my shipment. What do I do?


Emailus at service@wd420glass.com within 72 hours of receiving your order.


Wedeliver the package via free shipping by default, which may take 7-15days. You also can choose the DHL delivery if you want a faster andquicker shipment.


Wheredo you ship from?


Weship out of China (Or California warehouse).


Whatif my order breaks during shipping?


Wepackage all orders using a proprietary system we’ve developed to prevent 99.7%of breakage during shipping. However, no one’s perfect, and mistakes may rarelyoccur. In the unlikely event your item arrives broken, DO NOT throw away thebox or packing materials. We will need CLEAR photos of the broken items as wellas the box in order to file a claim with the shipping provider.


Dependingon the extent of the damage, we may issue a return-shipping label, or simplytell you to toss the broken item in the trash. In either case, a brand-newreplacement item will be sent out to you.


Whatwill my package look like?


Yourpackage will arrive in a brown box. The box will not say WD420 Glass anywhere.


CanI have my order shipped to another address other than the one listed on mybilling information?


Yes.The billing address is only used to verify the credit card information.However, we may request ID verification if the order is going to a differentname than the one on the credit card in order to prevent fraudulent orders withstolen credit cards, as well as underage orders.


Ifyou use an American Express card to pay, your order MUST be sent to the billingaddress. This is only for orders paid via American Express.


Whatif I need to update or change my shipping information?


Contactus by email service@wd420glass.com ASAP. Once your order is shipped thedestination cannot be changed.






Whatpayment methods do you accept?


Youcan pay by any of the following:

FourMajor Cards: Visa, Discover, Mastercard, American Express


Doyou accept Paypal?


Yes,we do accept Paypal.


Whatif I choose to cancel my order?


Contactus by email service@wd420glass.com with your order number ASAP.


Howdo I create an account?


Click“Sign In” at the top right corner of the page.


Howdo I edit my account information?


Click“My Account.” Here you can edit your physical address, email address, password.


Whatif I forgot my password?


Click“Forgot Password” on the login page. Our system will email you a link to resetyour password.


Whatis your Privacy Policy?


Wedo not share your information with anyone, ever. Read our Privacy Policy here.


Doyou offer discreet billing?


Asof now, your billing statement will show a charge from WD420 Glass. This willchange in the future.


DoI have to pay sales tax?


Wedon’t charge sales tax.


Ineed a copy of my receipt/invoice.


Goto “My Account.” Click “Order Status.” Each of your order invoices can be foundhere.


Whenwill my credit card be charged?


Yourcard will be charged when you place your order.


Howwill my purchase show on my billing statement?


Asof now, your billing statement will show a charge from WD420 Glass. This willchange in the future.


Howdo I use a coupon?


Eitheron your shopping cart or on the checkout page, enter your coupon code into the “EnterCoupon Code Here” field.


Icannot complete my transaction because of an “AVS Mismatch” or “Gateway error”.What does this mean?


WD420Glass provides our clients with a very strict and secure checkout system toensure each purchase is authentic and non-fraudulent. If you did not receive anorder invoice number, then your attempted transaction was rejected. The"AVS Mismatch" or "Gateway Error" is a direct result ofincorrect or mismatched billing information being used to complete the purchase.


Whatcan I do to correct and resolve the “AVS mismatch” or “Gateway error”?


Thebilling information you entered for your order has to absolutely match theinformation your credit or debit card company has on file for you. Streetaddress, phone number and email address have to be perfectly matched for thetransaction to go through successfully. Use only standard abbreviations such as“St, Ter, Ct, Blvd or Ave.” Any variations in billing information from whatyour card issuer has on record for your account will be rejected as a failedtransaction. Each failed transaction attempt will result in a temporary pendingcharge to the listed account used. The account will never be charged thepending amount and all pending charges will take up to 24 hours to be releasedfrom the account. We highly recommend contacting your Bank or Credit CardCompany to confirm all information is accurate before placing your order. Ifyou are required to update your information with your card company, it willtake 24 hours for the new billing information to be confirmed in the nationaldatabase.






Howdo I return my product?


Youmay return UNUSED products within 7 days or your purchase if they do not meetyour requirements. First, contact service@wd420glass.com for an RMA number. Returnswill not be accepted without an RMA number. Next, carefully package your itemsthe same way they arrived. Be sure that all glass items are completelysurrounded and cocooned with bubble wrap and packing peanuts. In the event areturn comes back to us broken, no refund will be issued until a shipping claimis filed and paid out.


DoesWD420 Glass accept USED PRODUCTS to be returned or exchanged?


No.We absolutely 100% WILL NOT accept used product returns. If it looks or smellslike it was used, it will be thrown out immediately and no refund will beissued. There are no exceptions to this policy.


Ireceived the wrong product.


Ifyou received the wrong product(s), email service@wd420glass.com within 48 hoursof receiving your package. DO NOT USE THE ITEMS. If you use the items, wecannot replace them. Once you contact us, our team will decide whether to issuea return shipping label and have you sent the item back, or let you keep it andsend you the correct item.


Whatis your return policy?


Weunderstand the frustration of receiving something you ordered online and notbeing happy with it. To help alleviate your hesitancy to shop online, we offera 7-day guarantee on UNUSED items. If you are unhappy with your item, let usknow and we'll issue a refund. All preference-based returns are subject to a 10%restocking fee OR the option to receive store credit for the full amount ofyour order. Just contact us, get a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA#) andsend it back. After 7 days, returns are subject to a 20% restocking fee.Customers are responsible for shipping fees on return items if the return isdue to preference. If there was a mistake in the order or an item came broken,we will cover the cost of the return shipping.


Howdo I contact you?


Wetry to make it super easy to get a hold of us. If it’s a question about yourorder, you can fill out our contact us form, email us at service@wd420glass.com.If you have questions about an item, the following contact methods areavailable:



12-24hours Email service@wd420glass.com           

12-24hours Instagram @wd420glass 

12-24hours Messenger @wd glass        


CanI change my order after I’ve made my purchase?


Yes,but only before it is shipped out. If you need to make a change to your order,contact us immediately by Email, Messenger or Instagram. Once your order is shippedit cannot be changed.


Whatif I do not like my item(s) and want to return the items for an exchange?


Noproblem. Contact us by email to set up an exchange. We will issue an RMA numberand have you sent the item(s) back. If the item you’d like instead is of agreater value, just pay the difference. If it’s of a lesser value, we’ll payyou the difference!


Whenwill my refund credit appear on my account?


Youshould see a refund post to your account 1-3 business days after the refund isissued. This may depend on your banks policies.





Arethe photos the actual pipes for sale?


Allof our photos are taken of actual products from our inventory. Please understandthat all of our products are hand made by human artists, and as such may haveminor variations in size, shape, or color from the ones pictured. Anyvariations are minimal, aesthetic, and will never affect functionality. If oneof our manufactures changes a product enough that it’s very different from theprevious ones, we will take new photos and edit the product listing.


Whendo you restock your products?


Assoon as we are running low on a product, an order is placed with themanufacturer to restock our inventory. As soon as the order arrives, it goesthrough quality control and the stock is updated on our site.


Whatif I want an item that’s out of stock?


Emailus service@wd420glass.com. We will notify you when this productis back in stock.


Howcan I find out correct size information I need for a particular product I wantto purchase?


Everyproduct has a specification explaining Joint Type and Height right next to theimage (or below the image on mobile devices). If you have any questions aboutsize, do not hesitate to contact us. Our team will be glad to help.


CanI customize the items?

Yes.We make customized items if the MOQ is about 50+. The MOQ may vary according todifferent products. You can get a VIPprice if you place a larger order. Please Email sales@wd420glass.com if youwant more details about OEM.


I'velooked all over the Internet and I just can't believe how cheap you are! How???


Weare an online only retailer with no physical store. The reduced overhead costsof not having a retail store combined with our sales volume allow us to offerproducts at prices well below our competitors.