Warranty and Return

If you are unhappy with your purchase orwould like to return your items, please send your item back to our DistributionCenter in accordance with the following Return Policy:


1.     Items must be sent back within 7 days after thedelivery if they do not meet your requirements.

2.     Incorrect or Missing Items (Note: If suchitems are not reported in within 2 days of receiving your package, we will notissue store credit. Please email service@wd420glass.com forassistance.)

3.     Items must be free of stains, residue,deodorant, or wear/use

4.     WD420 Glass reserves the right to apply a 10%restocking fee if you return the items within 7-day guarantee. After 7 days,returns are subject to a 20% restocking fee.

5.     Returns are processed within 1-3 businessdays after your item(s) are received at our Distribution Center.

6.     WD420 Glass does not provide pre-paid returnshipping labels; you will be responsible for covering the shipping costs toreturn.


Additional notes: Depending on the shipping method and carrierselected, your return package may take several days to reach us. Keep yourproof of postage and ship your return along with a tracking number as we arenot liable for return packages that are lost or stolen in-transit. Withoutproof of receipt and delivery, WD420 Glass will not issue refund order for yourreturns. Once your return is fully processed, we will issue you the refundorder.



This can happen under conditions below:

1) an address is invalid or missinginformation

2) the carrier is unable to deliver yourpackage

3) the order is refused by the customer atthe time of delivery.


Returned to sender or refused packages willbe restocked. We are unable to replace or reship in these instances as allreturned shipments are processed by our Returns Department. Instead, pleaseplace a new order using the correct address. Keep in mind that we do notguarantee your items will be in-stock at the time of your reorder.


Note: We are unable to make changes to orders thatare placed on our system. To ensure that your package is properly delivered,make sure that your address is entered correctly and includes all relevantinformation. The use of correct abbreviations, street numbers, building orapartment numbers, and route information (if applicable) are critical toensuring delivery. WD420 Glass does not take responsibility for lost,misplaced, or incorrectly delivered shipments if the address informationprovided is incorrect at the time of purchase.


If you received damaged item(s), DO NOT throwaway the box or packing materials. We will need CLEAR photos of the brokenitems as well as the box in order to file a claim with the shipping provider. Dependingon the extent of the damage, we may issue a return-shipping label, or simplytell you to toss the broken item in the trash. In either case, a brand-newreplacement item will be sent out to you. All you have to do is file a claim tothe shipping provider and through the confirmation emails that were sent to youfrom service@wd420glass.com, and from there, we will handle the rest.



Upon delivery of your order, pleasethoroughly check the items you received. If there are items from your orderthat are incorrect or missing, we ask that you please provide us with picturesof the following within 48 hours of delivery:


1. The original packaging your items came in.

2. The packing slip that came inside yourpackage.

3. The items that you received in yourpackage.


DO NOT USE THE ITEMS. If you use the items,we cannot replace them. If you use the items, we cannot replace them. To helpexpedite the process please include the photos in your initial email to service@wd420glass.com.




WD420 Glass reserves the right to solelydefine and limit, refuse, and/or reject returns from customers at any time dueto:


An irregular or excessive returns historyindicative of possible usage

An irregular or excessive returns historyused, damaged, or missing items; or,

Potential fraudulent or criminal activity.

Similarly, WD420 Glass reserves the right torefuse service (both in-store and online) to any customer or entity, due tosimilar actions as noted above.


Non-WD420 Glass items sent to ourDistribution Center will be discarded upon receipt.