10 Inch Faberge Egg Swiss Perc Clear Glass Beaker Bongs Showerhead Best Small Mini Dab Rigs

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What's Included:
1x bong,1x bowl
14mm female joint
24 cm,9.5 inch
Net Weight:
400g,14 oz
  • 10 Inch Faberge Egg Swiss Perc Clear Glass Beaker Bongs Best Mini Dab Rigs

  • The mini beaker bong features fab eggs on the beaker base and one connecting tube in 5cm inserted inside the higher part of the chamber, in which the smoke will get fully cooled down when it passes through the tube.

    The showerhead perc(percolator) will filter the smoke to a great extend. The heated smoke will have its temperature down once it meets the ice cubes.

    The bent neck measures 3.9 inch(10cm), which makes it possible for the smoke to have longer time passing to your lungs and without splashback.

    The large beaker base also presents a highlight for the small dab rig. With two times larger than the mouthpiece, the reinforced beaker base functions as a firm support for the rest part of the water pipe.

    The total height of the mini rig is approx 10 inch(24cm), which means it is portable and easy to take with the best mini bong .