Unique 8 Inch Infinity Waterfall Gravity Bongs Invertible Lipless Glass Water Pipes

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What's included:
a bowl,a bong
clear,milk green,milk purple
Net Weight:
14mm female joint
Base Width:

Best 7 Inch Infinity Waterfall Gravity Bongs Invertible Lipless Glass Water Pipes

  • Do you like a clean and gravity bong that isn't dirty? We present you the Infinity Gravity Bong Exact As Jinni Pipe. Enjoy smoking without having to touch your lips. This is an infinity waterfall bong that shoots smoke in air and you catch the hits.

  • This Water Pipe is a hand-held, lipless, horizontal gravity water-pipe. Using the Jinni Pipe is very easy, fill one chamber with water (when tilted) and move water from one chamber to the other by tilting the bong in your hand.
    • Cooled by water & air so it’s: Double Cooled-Ultra Smooth
    • Lipless technology provides germ-free sessions

This best Infinity Waterfall Gravity Bong has an unique shape which resembles a submarine. It is among the best bongs collection. The chamber of the submarine pipe for the pipe is placed horizontally which aims to allow more time for smoke to get fully released inside the water pipe.

As you can see there is a thick clear glass tube separating the chamber of the pipe with a tiny sub-tube connected to the right part and the left part. It works as perfect percolator bong for any herbal materials that can be used with this vortex bong.

The mouthpiece of the submarine pipe has a similar size with the herb bowl. You have to be careful when you inhale because the distance between the mouthpiece and the bowl adjacent to the female joint of the glass bong.

The base of the water pipe measures 5cm which means it can stand for daily wind blow, in which you will find the Jinni Pipe Lipless Bong is superior than other pipes.

If you are looking for a cool gravity pipe then this infinity waterfall bong could be your perfect choice. Find more unique gravity bongs for sale here at WD420 Glass online headshop. Besides, we accept any Jinni Pipe Wholesale deal worldwide.