4mm Thick Evan Shore Quartz Banger Beveled Edge Domeless Dab Nail

14mm male joint,10mm male joint,14mm female joint,10mm female joint ,18mm male joint,18mm female joint
Outside Diameter:
Net weight:
45 degree,90 degree
What's included:

4mm Thick Evan Shore Quartz Banger Beveled Edge Domeless Dab Nail 

The pulsar quartz banger becomes popular in the dabbing market nowadays. It can offer you more smoother, flavored hits from your favorite rigs. Unlike any other quartz bangers, it has a 4mm thick wall. It will be more studier than any other bangers and can be heated up quickly. And it can decrease the chances of any cracking or breaking during your dabbing experience.

The domeless quartz banger is made with thick clear quartz glass that can withstand high temperatures. It has a unique design with an angled top that can easily load the oil. Reagarding to the angle of the banger, different people have different idea. We have both 45 degree and 90 degree angles for your choice.

Coming with 20mm outside diameter, the banger has 10mm, 14mm and 18mm male and female sanded joint.

Trying such a quartz banger for the first time, it can provide you a simple and convenient wat ro enhance your smoking experience.