Black Titanium E-Nail Dab Rig Kit Portable Micro Enail Elite Set

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Net Weight:
Weight (with the box):
1x power cord ,1x heating cord
Carb Cap:
1x titanium carb cap
What's Included :
1x quartz bowl ,1x use instruction ,1x delicate box ,2x silicone oil dishes
Power :
Voltage :
110V(U.S Standard),220V(European Standard)
Coil Size:
Nail :
For titanium Nail ,For 20mm Quartz Nail
Joint Type :
For Male Joint ,For Female Joint
Highlight :
Bright Digital Display ,Push Button Control

Black Titanium E-Nail Dab Rig Kit Portable Micro Enail Elite Set

It is right time to say goodbye to your butane torch and hello to the future of smoking with this titanium e-nail dab rig kit. Featuring a portable red carrying box, the kit comes with a titanium nail, the heat producing metal box and a power cord. 

Although the kit is designed with some of the latest technology in the the industry, it is quite easy to use. You just need to plug the power cord and coil cord into the kit and put the nail into your bong or dab rig. Once you have put the nail inside your dab rig, press the power button to power the nail on. It is important to remember that only power on the nail when the coil is attached to the provided nail securely. Then set the nail to your desired temperature. Last, just wait for the nail to heat up to your preference and then enjoy your concentrates. 

The high-trade titanium nail of the micro enail elite set is completely universal, fitting differnet sizes male and female joints. What's more, the e-nail dab rig kit is mainly designed for Christmas. If you want to buy a present for smoking for your friend on Christams, the kit will be a good gift. More details, please contact us on WD420 Glass. 


1. Plug-in power cord and coil cord into unit.

2. Once unit has been plugged into a power Socket, press the power button (sliver round button) to power the unit on. Only power on the unit when the coil is attached to the provided nail securely. 

3. Unit is Set to automatically reach the desired "low temp" temperate of 710 degrees Fahrenheit)

4. Press & Hold the UpDown & side arrows to select your own desired temperature (100-999 Fahrenheit)

5. Power off unit when not in use.

Notes required for using this product:

1. Use with caution, Must be 18 years of age or older to operate.

2. Coil element become extremely hot. Do not touch once powered on.

3. Do not leave unattended while powered on.