Dab Tools & Accessories

Dab Tools and Dab Accessories

Just got a new dab rig and need the right dab tools to get started? Do you have the right tool for the job?

Then a Dab Tool & a Concentrate Nail is exactly what you need. These are made from various materials such as ceramic, titanium, metal, glass and quartz, each providing with vastly different experiences, and price points. It is highly popular to vaporize your essential oils at lower temperatures, this ensures you get the most flavorful possible hit! You’ll quickly be able to tell that there’s a real difference between a cheap concentrate dabbing nail, and one that’s made from a high-quality manufacturer you can trust & have confidence in.

A dabber is one who dabs, of course. But a dabber is also an essential instrument used to apply concentrates, waxes, and oils to your heating element. Dabbers come in many different shapes and sizes and are created from various materials.

Do you have butter fingers? You’ll want to scoop a durable titanium dabber! Nails, carb caps, dabber tools, and accessories are a crucial part of the concentrate (dabbing) process. We have a great selection of accessories, from adjustable nails to domeless nails to shore up your equipment!

Dabber tools can be made of the same array of materials, all depending on your preference. You can find bangers, direct inject, flux nails, side arms and honey buckets all here!

Also in this collection, you will find carb caps and dabbing dishes. Carb caps are used to restrict airflow to the rig while you are smoking. Glass dishes make an excellent addition to your dab station. Used for sharing with your friends, place a small amount of your oil on the smooth surface before using your tool to scoop it out. 

While some dabbers opt to use their fingers to drop concentrates onto their heating element, dabbers are the only tool that should ever be used to handle concentrates. Not only are nails very hot, but handling your concentrates with your hands is bad for both you and your concentrates.

Handling concentrates with bare hands results in the transfer skin-oils and bacteria onto your precious pickup. Skin oils also have the ability to break down and degrade the terpenes in your concentrates. To prevent the transfer of germs and skin-oils onto your concentrates (and therefore into your lungs) always handle your concentrates with a dabber— anything but your bare hands!

Do you own multiple water pipes? Then you’ll need multiple sizes and styles of dab nails. If your water pipe has a 14mm male joint, then you’ll need the 14mm female banger nail. When you’re tired of the inconvenient method of utilizing the classic dome and nail, we have the tools you’ll need to come into the future. Domeless concentrate nails are the future. Make sure you have a carb cap handy.

We even allow you to customize your brand-new dabbing nail with various and shapes. Show off your personality with a dab nail that represents you.

Choose your material, quartz, ceramic or titanium, based on the experience you want, and get started with a flavorful, cost effective smoking experience. It’s that easy! At WD420 Glass, we strive to provide enthusiasts with the best dab tools available in the market.

What is a Dab Nail?

Dab Nails come in a multitude of sizes. Don’t worry, we have it all: 10mm, 14mm, & 18mm, male and female accessories, domed and domeless. Dab nails are used to heat the oils or concentrates and are inserted into the dab rig to create a flow of smoke. We carry dab nails made of several different materials, each of which has different advantages. We also have several options for domeless, adjustable and multi-size nails. Before purchasing your own dab nail, find out which one is right for you.

What is a Dabber?

After heating up the dab nail, the next step in the dabbing process is applying the wax, oil, or concentrates. The dabber is necessary to carefully apply the concentrate to the dab nail in a neat manner. Because they are made of quartz, titanium, glass or a ceramic material, they cannot be damaged by the heat in the nail. Without a dabber, it would be impossible to apply the correct amount of wax to your dab nail.

What is a Carb Cap?

Though not essential for those who occasionally like to dab, a carb cap will greatly enhance your dabbing experience. In simple terms, it acts as a carburetor for your dab rig, controlling the air flow and allowing for a much more pleasurable experience. A carb cap restricts the amount of air that flows to your dab nail, meaning that you can maximize the value of your wax and enjoy better-tasting hits.To use a carb cap, simply place it over the dab nail after applying the wax. We offer several different carb caps for our variety of dab nails.

What Is a Dab Tool

The popularity of wax has been on the rise, so along with the vape pen and dab rig, the accessories to go with them plus various dab tools have been developed. Wax concentrates is sticky so it needs to be stored in the proper dab containers and should always be handled with a dabber tool. Dab mats make dabbing sessions easy and dab nails are very cool. There are many dab tools available including domeless nails and carb caps for the rigs.

Why Buy a Dab Tool

If you are dealing with wax you will at least need some sort of tool for enjoying it, let alone storing it properly. Whether it is the actual dab rig, a non stick container for storage or the tool for handling there are many products that go hand-in-hand with wax. You can always go with a wax pen too, but you still need a non stick dab container because wax residue will stick to other surfaces and be wasted.