Hand Pipes

Hand pipes, or glass pipes,are the new trend among smokers all over the world. They are perfect handydevices for any kind of herb or smoking mixture and the ideal smoking devicewhen it comes to portability and convenience. They are compact and portable,requiring no water so you can use them anywhere! If you prefer water filtrationin the palm of your hand, check out our selection of bubblers.


Hand pipes come in all kindsof forms such as Spoons Pipes, Sherlock Pipes, Gandalf Pipes or One-Hittersthat you might have known them. Whichever way, all you have to do is load thebowl, light up, and inhale the smooth hit within seconds. Whatever type ofpipe you buy, you JUST can slip them into your pocket with your lighter andsmoke on the go without extra parts or cases.

Any quality smoking glass pipeis able to be cleaned without any hassle. Just tip the pipe upside down and theremains of your last session and any residue that has been left behind willdrop out into the trash can.

As simple as they come. Waterpipes with a natural diffuser do not have a downstem or any other complicatedstuff going on inside. They are a great value and the easiest water pipes tokeep clean. Natural style water pipes are great for anyone who wants giant ripsbut with minimal filtration.

Decide on the right smokingglass pipe for you and start your chill out time now! If you require a biggerglass smoking accessory for an enhanced experience, check out some of ourbongs, dab rigs and bubblers.