8 Inch Rick And Morty Cartoon Bong Cheap Mini Dab Rigs Glass Beaker Water Pipe W/ Ice Catcher

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What's Included:
1x bong,1x bowl,1x downstem
20cm,7.8 inch
18mm female joint
Net Weight:
Diffused Downstem,Ice pinches

8 Inch Rick And Morty Cartoon Bong Cheap Mini Dab Rigs Glass Beaker Water Pipe 

A classic beaker bong is a go-to piece that every pot smoker has to have in their collection. With few fragile parts and large, direct hits, a quality beaker piece will never fail you. Call up your friends, turn on the cult series Rick and Morty cartoon bong, and get ready to get wrecked with the RnM Beaker.

This Rick and Morty glass beaker bong stands at about 8 inches and has a wide base that prevents tipping, you can live life without a care in the world, just like Rick. This Rick and Morty bong features fun drawings of the duo totally baked with bloodshot eyes and a joint. The mini glass bong comes with a funnel-shaped clear glass bowl, a diffused downstem, and a built-in ice catcher so despite its small size, the smoke is cool and comfortable from start to finish.

It's made up of thick quality glass and has an ice catcher (ice pinch) feature for smooth cool rips. This dab rig is really mini in size,so it can also be put into your pocket if you'd like to take it somewhere outside.  Order this awesome Rick and Morty beaker water pipe and get it with very cheap price for your collection today!