Torus Ratchet Barrel Prec Heady Glass Bong Portable Bubbler

What's Included:
1x bong,1x bowl
milk green,blue
14mm female joint
22cm,8.2 inch
Net Weight:
350g,12.3 oz
Glass Thickness:
Base Width:
7.5 cm,3 inch

The Heady Glass Bong is the first disc perc that is round like a disc and placed in the can (body) of a water pipe. When the pipe is hit and the water rises, the disc breaks up the water, creating glorious diffusion bubbles. This perc is shaped like a ratchet or sprocket which offers a medium amount of diffusion. It’s great for oils or someone smoking herbs with some nice percolation among our bongs under $50.

When it comes to diffusion, you can never have enough. The Barrel Percolator of quadruple Heady Glass Bong features two qualities. Efficient percolation and large chamber. The barrel perc is located above the base of the main chamber. Acting somewhat like a downstem, after vaporizing your best dab rig, the vapor will travel into the barrel perc first. The recycling motion starts with this perc as well. It will leak out the slits in the barrel perc while the rest goes straight up a glass tube in the center of the incycler of the Portable Bubbler. The vapor that came out the barrel perc itself will make its own way up as well, running through the quadruple ratchet percs that are positioned right below the unique style chamber. A second tube stems out of the ratchet barrel and back into the main chamber. The glass bongs are designed to make the vapor flow through the dab rig multiple times for tremendous tasting hits.

This bubbler bong features sleek torus shape inside. The quadruple ratchet percs plus a inverted showerhead perc work to diffuse and filter the smoke making for a ultra-smooth hit. With the use of percolator bong, we makes durable pipes that are built to longer last.