Best 15 Inch Pineapple Globe Gravity Hookah Hourglass 360-Degree Rotating Flip Bong

What's Included:
hookah bowl ,hookah wand,coal tray,flower bowl ,3-Foot hose
durable body ,delicate design
pineapple shape,hourglass design
material :
borosilicate glass,aluminum
40cm=15.7 inch
Weight :

Best 15 Inch Pineapple Globe Gravity Hookah Hourglass 360-Degree Rotating Flip Bong 

The beautiful pineapple globe gravity hookah is a wonderful craft in the dabbing market. The forward-thinking functionality, precision craftsmanship and a transformative design aesthetic make this bong popular all over the world. 

The gravity flip bong comes with a 360 degree rotating, heavy glass globe which generates kinetic motion activation via cascading water displacement and opposing airflow technology. Stands about 15 inches tall, it is one of the best bongs that we have. 

It is designed with an hourglass shape. Therefore, we can call it "hourglass rotating flip bong". The piece is constructed from the finest materials available, including borosilicate glass globes affixed with aircraft-grade anodized aluminum constructed titanium joints.  

The 15 inche pineapple 360 degree rotating gravity hookah change the means of consumption through its delicate design and physics- leading the industry forward with an immersive experience. The product is really worth a try. It can provide you  a new experience in your smoking process with clean, smooth hits that don't choke or sting. 


Please do not use the chemical cleaners or isopropyl alcohol to clean the gravity bong flip. Because the chemical cleaners or isopropyl alcohol will cause the color of the globes to fade. When you clean the outside of the globe, you can use the soap and water. When you clean the inside, it is better to use isopropyl alcohol.