Cool Freeze Pipe Beaker Bong Coil Perc Green Glass Waterpipe

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What's Included:
1x bong,1x bowl,1x diffused downstem,1x keck clip
18mm female joint
28cm,11 inch
Net Weight:
Base Width:
7cm,2.8 inch
Downstem Length:
9.5cm,3.7 inch
  • Cool Freeze Pipe Beaker Bong Coil Perc Green Glass Waterpipe

    It is a perfect piece for stoners who enjoyultra-cool hits from freeze bong without the mess of using ice cubes. It features a removable glycerine chill chamber which can be cooled in the freezer for unmatched smokingsessions. This removable piece of condensation coil beaker bong enables smokers to easily detach it and store it in thefreezer. After it has been cooled, you can then re-attach it to the beaker base withthe included and easy-to-use keck clips. This simple step will help youto achieve the ultimate smoke temperature each time. The coil also acts as a splashguard.

    The accented coil condenser and downstem inthis water pipe help offer a stand-out aesthetic. And, the beaker shapeis ideal for generating large bong rips and an excellent choice for smokers whoenjoy filtration and cool hits. With a flared mouthpiece, you can restassured that all of your smoke will go toward the smoker, rather than escapingthrough the top.

    This cool glass bong is available in green and blue.