17" Zong Glass Bong Spiral Tube Beaker Bongs Thick Tall Dab Rig

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What's Included:
1x bong,1x bowl,1x downstem
43cm,16.9 inch
18mm female joint
Net Weight:

The unique design of Zong Glass Bong offers you a brand new perspective towards ideas of how glass bongs can be designed. You will be overwhelmed by the bold yet maverick design which is full of aesthetic value.

Effective percolation emerged as an issue of common concern for Zong Glass Bong lovers. This unique designed Thick Tall Dab Rig with superior glass and other lead-free materials will definitely be your only choice if you have high expectations for a better filtering for your glass bong.

Similar to some best dab rigs, the spiral perc of the Thick Tall Dab Rig connected with the beaker base for this water pipe provides a longer traveling passage for smoke to pass through, in which you can see diffused smoke wondering in a slow speed as more and more strings of smoke spawning through the spiral Perc when you are enjoying the feelings of using it.

18mm female joint also gives an extra choice since it falls among the most frequently used female joints when you are considering having a ash catcher.

Plus, we have two colors for your selection.